In The Stars
Your Weekly Horoscope
by RJ MacDonald
Week of February
18 - 25

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RJ MacDonald has been a professional counseling astrologer for over twenty-five years. His background includes psychotherapeutic, transpersonal counseling and professional writing. As well as having maintained a private consultation practice for several years, he has authored a number of horoscope columns in community newspapers and has taught astrology, tarot, numerology and dream interpretation to adult students. He currently writes on metaphysical themes such as dream analysis, personality theory and political and metaphysical philosophy.  Russell integrates astrological analysis with transpersonal counselling and psychic readings.

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ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

This may be a period in which you feel rather restless physically - for that reason alone it might be a good thing to exercise now, that is to curb the type of energy that you may feel, especially in consideration of the fact that feeling compelled or driven to do something, just on the basis of temporary drives, can lead to erratic and impulsive decisions.  Often a good counteractive influence in relation to impulsiveness, or a tendency towards being headstrong, is to simply relax your nervous and muscular systems.  There may be a bit of a tendency now to spend more money than you have to spend - try to think carefully before you go with your financial impulses now - you may want to acquire different things more intensely that usual.  Being aware of your temperament and slightly increased disposition towards agitation may help you to avoid getting into arguments with others, due to your feeling easily agitated.  This is not a "negative" or "destructive" period but there is a need to use your mind to balance your energy-based impulses.  It is a time in which you should be careful as to how you are applying yourself and also as to how you use your personal resources and, again, that includes spending patterns. 

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)        

You are very likely to feel significantly more energetic, at this time  - you will be prone to engaging in vigorous action as opposed to taking it easy - you can probably accomplish a lot at present but be careful not to act in a manner that is impulsive or rambunctious now - try not to "put the cart before the horse" or to "jump the gun" - hold yourself in check, where you conscience prompts you to do so and think before you act.  This may be a very good time to engage in physical exercise.  It may be important, now, to give extra thought and consideration to others and to try to apply as much compromise, grace and harmony in your daily relationships as there be a bit of a disposition towards acting very quickly or impulsively in respect to your own needs, without sufficient balance therein, in respect to others. 

GeminiGEMINI (May 21 - June 21)        

There is likely to be some degree of confusion in your life now and you may be strongly influenced by unconscious desires.  You may even feel a bit drained due to being pulled down by unconsious drives or quests that are taxing your conscious mind against it's own will.  Activities that you engage in now may take on an element of secretiveness and may even operate in a mode of seclusion.  There may be a need to disguise identities in a manner that maintains your privacy.  If you are a little troubled by a confusion of purposes now then do not be worried that you will miss out on anything because you are not quite able to take deliberate conscious action, rather accept this as a time when life is subtlety introducing a change or two into your life so that your familiar frame of reference is only temporarily "suspended."  Try to relax and accept a little necessary change.

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)      

During this time you may center activities around friends.  On one hand there may be some construction but the activity will likely, in any case, involve some sort of aggressive action such as with electrical or mechanical work or repairs.  Recreational activities may also be stepped up now in association with friends.  Any type of associations of which you are either a member or a pending member may come into play or focus now and demand your consideration.  This is unlikely a total period of relaxation and withdrawal as the accent is on friends and activities, whether that be recreational or practical and business based, in nature. 

LEO (July 23 - August 22)       

This should be a good period in which to express yourself both artistically and romantically.  You are quite likely to feel more inspired to express a positive attitude in relation to a potential or actual romantic partner now as you are more likely to be attuned, in spirit and attitude, to the wholeness of your life experiences, that is you are more able to see the complete forest now, instead of just seeing the trees and for that reason you are significantly less prone to allow small setbacks or disruptions to your overall path in life to move you off that path or stop you from moving in the right direction and in expressing optimism.  The openness and optimism that you express now is attractive to others and creates a sort of romantic aura about you.  There is a greater urge now to express your feelings through art and creativity in general and in that way you will find a venue for sharing your personal expression of life in an openhearted way. 

  VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)      

The romantic department of your life will likely bring the question of human motivation to the forefront - it may be that someone enters the scene now who may have hidden motives and who's agenda is other than what he or she is indicating to you - if someone is there now who seems to want to influence you about choices or, worse, seems to want to dictate or even manipulate you then it might be advisable to deliberate over this person's intensions on the romantic level and as to why he or she is trying to have an impact on you. Be careful of individuals who come across as having a powerful personality. 

  LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)            

You are quite likely to experience interpersonal "politics" in the context of your home and family life at this time.  What will likely be very important now is honesty but of equal importance will be the manner in which you convey concerns to family members - any sort of compulsive or anger driven expression at this time may add fuel to the fire - apply reason in relation to any sensitive family issues now, especially where group values are concerned and especially where joint resources are at issue.  Make sure, as much as you can, that disputes that are potentially volatile are not engaged in to any extreme or excess - moderation and balance will be important now.  There may be a need for repair work in respect to the home at this time - be positive and patient about that and look at the positive side in respect to the changes that can be made. 


Scorpio SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)  


At this time the foundational aspect of your life will play a major role and will likely either be at the forefront of your mind or be intuitively drawing on your awareness.  Your home and family will take on a major role and gain the focus of your attention.  Your focus may be taken up with home improvement or interior and exterior decorating now.  Activities such as painting, buying new furniture or home renovation in general may kick into play now.  Interaction and identification with family members may also take on a central role in your life currently.  More extensively, identity with your community may now become important to you, including your residential environment in general, in fact some under this influence may begin to consider a residential move.  All of these issues may significantly impact on or be quite tied up with your sense of emotional security and certainly, if anything, you will find yourself to be more sensitive now, especially in respect to those issues that you directly or indirectly identify as being the basis of your existence or roots.  You may be more in touch with your preconscious mind now and for that reason your dreams may have a seemingly greater impact on you at this time - if so, be mindful of the content of those dreams as there may be an important message there.   

  SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)    

At this time you should be very careful about what you decide to spend your money on as the indications are that you could, if you are not careful about the value or worth of a significant purchase, experience real disappointment and loss - this does not have to be the case but in order to minimize the possibilities of financial loss or disappointment in respect to values, be careful. You may have a tendency at this time to ponder your personal values, at least in the sense of considering what has priority in your life and what is of real and critical importance to you.  It would be a good time to evaluate the ultimate worth of what you possess and what your priorities are in the secular sense.  Being very honest with yourself and using a spiritual basis for consideration and evaluation may be quite important. 

   CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)      

During this period it is likely that you may experience a little confusion about the direction that your life is headed in.  This is likely just a time when you will being going inward, into the deeper part of your mind, to find what it is that your heart, soul and spirit would really like to attain or acquire.  There may be some initial confusion, especially regarding your sense of direction, because of old internal frames of reference that no longer have as much meaning or significance as they once had.  When the fog lifts you may very well find that your goals have changed in some aspect or another or that they really have changed entirely.  This may be a more spiritual time in your life and you may find yourself a little more withdrawn, introspective and meditative now.  Your dreams may become more powerful in their impact on your mind now and it may be an important thing to make note of what they are trying to tell you. 


 AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)   

This is a time in your life in which the circumstances and situations that you find yourself in will vary considerably from day to day, perhaps so much so, at times, that you will feel like you are playing a game of chess with life.  It is important to keep in mind now,  that major plans might have to be suspended until the pattern of your life becomes more stable and predictable.  Your use of electronic equipment for communications purposes is quite likely to increase at this time - that is, you may find a greater need or use of things like faxes, e-mail, pagers, voice mail etc..  It is also  important that you have some method or technique for relaxing your nerves and  maximizing tranquility in your busy, on-the-go type of lifestyle at present. 

    PISCES (February 19 - March 20)       

The financial context of your life may present some instability at this time but that is likely only to be in reference to your taking risks or spending impulsively now.  In fact, impulsive spending will likely be the strongest concern at this time.  Now it may not be entirely as simple as avoiding spending though, as you will likely have to contend with another element in relation to finances that may cause some instability and that is changes of your mind, especially in relation to your intentions regarding your own personal values and the real world objects which your mind will see as being "worthy" of those personal values.  When making choices now regarding material or spiritual values try not to make decisions that come from the surface area of your psyche but rather from what you feel at a deeper level.










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