In The Stars
Your Weekly Horoscope
by RJ MacDonald
Week of
December 9 -16

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RJ MacDonald has been a professional counseling astrologer for over twenty-five years. His background includes psychotherapeutic, transpersonal counseling and professional writing. As well as having maintained a private consultation practice for several years, he has authored a number of horoscope columns in community newspapers and has taught astrology, tarot, numerology and dream interpretation to adult students. He currently writes on metaphysical themes such as dream analysis, personality theory and political and metaphysical philosophy.  Russell integrates astrological analysis with transpersonal counselling and psychic readings.

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ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

You may find that your thinking becomes more expansive at this time - you may be more interested in places and cultures that are different than your own.  Your mind is in more of a learning mode than usual and as well as being more mindful of cultural differences you may have a heightened drive to learn at this time.  There may be a very strong urge to travel - thus plans may be made accordingly now.  You may connect and correspond with another who is at a great distance from yourself or who may have a significantly different cultural background.  You may not be as apt to pay attention to details now so being deliberately more mindful of things that you might overlook might serve to counterbalance that possibility.   

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)         

This is a time in which you may find yourself to be more optimistic about life in general.  You may now find it easier to be encouraging to others as well and to be of a more generous nature. This may prove to be a good time for educational planning, for training in particular and for learning in general.  You may find yourself attracted to foreign cultures at this time and perhaps even to have a greater interest in or concern with foreign languages now.   This is a period in which you may be more inclined towards advising or "counseling" others due to the more predominant "reasoning" mode of your mind, that is, in contrast to when you may be typically a little more influenced by "emotion" at the expense of constructive "reasoning."  Although your consciousness is in a mode of expansion, development growth now it would be wise not to get too swept up in the apparent "positivity" of collective patterns - there should be a balancing or counteractive measure of individualism and integrity now least you become to encouraged by the conformity to social patterns that sweep you up with starry-eyed promises of the future.   Be careful not to neglect mindfulness of the individual trees that constitute the forest in your perception of the broader patterns now and be warned against asking others to do what you would be definitely disinclined to do yourself.  Otherwise your hopefulness and positive attitude may give rise, to or be conducive to, a constructive attitude or constructive activities now. 

GeminiGEMINI (May 21 - June 21)        

This is a time when you may experience some frustration in respect to the exercise of your will, that is your "intent" in relation to activities or personal projects. There are generally two ways to look at the situation if in fact you find that to be the case. Perhaps your first reaction might be to become even more willful, wound up and intense about manifesting your intentions but the problem with that is that at this time you may very well overlook that aspect of life that is all too real in human experience, that is the inevitable encounter with "contingencies" - there ought to be an intuitive point at which time you come to understand that either life is not supporting your current endeavors or is not supporting your particular manner of application. And that is the point at which you might try the alternative view and application, that is one that takes account less of your particular intent and more of what life may be trying to "say" to you. But it is not simply that you might alliteratively take a look at your own personal environment, the situation and circumstances and conclude that a different plan of action is needed. Instead what may be required is that you become less "pro-active" and rather allow life to introduce to you to elements in your plans, goals, intentions, visions, etc. that, in your human limitations, you simply cannot see or predict currently. Certainly that requires a more passive and accepting view of your life "situation" than you may tend towards currently. 

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)    

In terms of your outer world this may very well be a period in which you are called to duty, so to speak, that is, there may be necessary tasks and responsibilities that must be taken care of and in that sense you may now be in a position where you will be expected to be of service to others in a more direct sense than usual.  This is a time for focusing to the maximum.  Any specialized working skills or knowledge that you have could be really put to the test now and be made direct use of.  You may be required to become more organized in your personal and/or your working life and be called to account for something that others, in your personal sphere or working environment, would like to inquire about insofar as your responsibilities are concerned.  In terms of your inner world you may find yourself a little more prone to worry and anxiety now but that can easily be remedied by getting down to your most practical business and affairs and really getting things done.  Your mind is more prone to think in terms of detail now and you are inclined more towards fussiness in respect to conditions around you being just as you want them to be.  Your mind is probably sharper than usual and you tend to express that in your communications with others, in the sense of coming across in a more critical manner. 

LEO (July 23 - August 22)     

At this time you may find yourself more interested in forms of art and entertainment, whether you find that on TV, a video, in the theater or in a novel.  You mind may be a little more restless than usual and may seek simple little sources of entertainment or amusement such as drama or even games such as chess, computer based games and card games.  Another thing that you may find yourself attracted to is recreation that is based more on sport activities but it is more likely at this point that any activity involving that would be more along the lines of discussion and registration rather than the activity itself.  (For those who have children this is can be a busy period of more intense involvement in their pursuits, especially in relation to all the logistics and running around required in order to facilitate the activities that the children are involved in.)  You will probably feel a little more self-conscious now, for whatever reason and this may manifest in as strong a way as to express yourself artistically or to be more vainly careful in how you appear.  New romance may begin, at least in a manner now but probably more by way of initial recognition and communication rather than in any feeling mode, such as in feelings of affection. 

  VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)         

Your thoughts are likely to be more on home and family now.  Changing circumstances and situations may call for personal adjustments.  Communication may increase now with family members and there may be discussions concerning needed changes and the logistics associated with that as well as discussions around security needs.  This may prove to be a good period for getting extra sleep or catching up on any sleep that you've missed and your sleep now will likely be deeper than usual.  You may be more prone to dreaming now or at least to be conscious of your dreams and to probably find the content of your dreams as being more meaningful or of impacting your mind intensely now. 

  LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)    

You may engage in an unusual amount of short trips in your local environment at this time.  Communications will probably also be significantly on the rise as there will likely be a need to coordinate yourself with others now in relation to all your extra "running around," that is, in your short trips, here and there, to get small practical tasks and short term projects done.  It may be important now to make an effort to avoid getting caught up in idle and passing conversations that amount to nothing really more than passing distractions.  Stay focused on the practical work and responsibilities that you have in front of you and try to prioritize those activities which have the most importance - this may be quite important, given the temporary juggling act that you have to perform now. 


Scorpio SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)    


It is likely that your mind will now begin to focus on your material resources, personal assets and finances.  Your mind will tend more towards practical thought now and - you may find yourself doing some financial planning.  This may also be a time in which you are more inclined to think of your body - even if you don't act on your assessment of your physical condition it will likely register now that you are either feeling OK with your physical shape or that your shape is in need of attention. 

  SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)    

Your mind is likely to be quite active now and that may be due the to internal stimulus of your own body now as your nervous energy is likely to be quite high.  Your mind is like a double edged sword right now - that is to say that the potential to get many things accomplished is there due to the abundant mental energy that you have but at the same time there is also more of a tendency now to get distracted by something that is just passing but which nonetheless ends in completely drawing you in and taking you down a path that is quite diverting from what is the regular business or routine of your life.  You are also highly prone to talk significantly more than usual as well as to re-think things that you may have thought that you already drawn conclusions on.  The important thing now is not to get too caught up in ideas, either through conversation and planning or through endless thinking about things as opposed to doing them.  In other words try to take that extra mental energy as fuel for really planting the seeds of thought into the soil of reality by engaging real practical action.   

   CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)    

At this time you will likely feel more optimism and inspiration, in relation to things in general.  Your mood will likely be a little elevated and you will be more prone to find humor in your daily experiences.  This is a good time for planning, as your vision of the future is probably more accurate than usual and you are more goal oriented now.  You are also more likely to initiate activities now and to act in a more independent manner.  Self-directed learning may come into play at this time. 

 AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)       

During this period it is likely that you may experience a little confusion about the direction that your life is headed in.  This is likely just a time when you will being going inward, into the deeper part of your mind, to find what it is that your heart, soul and spirit would really like to attain or acquire.  There may be some initial confusion, especially regarding your sense of direction, because of old internal frames of reference that no longer have as much meaning or significance as they once had.  When the fog lifts you may very well find that your goals have changed in some aspect or another or that they really have changed entirely.  This may be a more spiritual time in your life and you may find yourself a little more withdrawn, introspective and meditative now.  Your dreams may become more powerful in their impact on your mind now and it may be an important thing to make note of what they are trying to tell you. 

    PISCES (February 19 - March 20)           

Your thinking will probably take on a real subjective tone at this time - this would not be the best time to make important decisions, unless those decisions have to be made now, as your thinking is now highly influenced by what you imagine, that is, your imagination may add undue references that may not objectively enhance your perception of  reality - it is possible that you may not see things as they really are from outside of your own world.  You may experience more general confusion now and feel somewhat frustrated as you find little substance in respect to attaining the positions that you want.





















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