In The Stars
Your Weekly Horoscope
by RJ MacDonald
Week of
April 15 - 22

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RJ MacDonald has been a professional counseling astrologer for over twenty-five years. His background includes psychotherapeutic, transpersonal counseling and professional writing. As well as having maintained a private consultation practice for several years, he has authored a number of horoscope columns in community newspapers and has taught astrology, tarot, numerology and dream interpretation to adult students. He currently writes on metaphysical themes such as dream analysis, personality theory and political and metaphysical philosophy.  Russell integrates astrological analysis with transpersonal counselling and psychic readings.

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ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

You are likely to find, at present, that your life is a little confusing at times.  You may have problems in trying to get a clear sense of direction in your life.  There is likely some unfinished business that is keeping you back from making the progress that you want and that holds you back from the action that you would take were you to have more of a substantial basis for your plans.  There are just too many unknown variables at the moment for you to form concrete plans that you feel that you could count on.  At times you may find it difficult to distinguish between reality and your imagination and this may add to the confusion.  The best policy is to take one day at a time and to work with just what is out in front of you.  Patience and faith is important at this time rather than clearly established long term goals that might only end in disappointment.  This should prove to be a good period for the foundational aspect of your life, that is, home and family. You are likely to feel quite complacent, emotionally secure and have a general sense of well-being, at this time, at least in relation to the familiar aspects of your life.  You will likely enjoy quite deep and peaceful sleep now and you may even receive guidance,  pre-consciously, if not consciously, understood, through your dreams.  You may find that the idea of changing residence may enter your mind at this time.  You are likely to find that your home becomes the place of choice for you now, even insofar as entertainment is concerned. 

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)        

You are likely to experience a good deal of social grace now within the context of friendships - you may even gain the financial or material favors of a personal friend and benefit from the general goodwill, generosity or support that a friend offers or gives graciously at this time.  At this time there may be a prompting or even temptation to become more involved with another who has hitherto been just a friend or acquaintance - be sure that the changed or increased involvement is appropriate and emerges naturally from emotional intimacy so that the change in the status of your relationship doesn't hurt anyone else.  

GeminiGEMINI (May 21 - June 21)        

This is a time in your life when you will likely experience growth, expansion and development in your one-to-one interpersonal relationships.  Even your dealings with others in general will bring an aura of constructive possibilities.  You may view the outer world more positively now and you may feel significantly less self-centered in general, possibly even having ecstatic moments of self-forgetfulness.  Your tendency now is to see the outer world, socially and politically, in a more philosophical sense and therein you may have a greater sensitivity towards social awareness and responsibility than usual.  You may find yourself more extroverted than typically with a stronger inclination to see the good in others.  Relationships may assume a mode of greater honesty and openness currently.  But with increased interpersonal self-confidence beware of the danger of becoming arrogant at this time.  Relationships in general will tend to go well at this time. 

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)      

A beneficial interest in health may arise at this time.   Ironically that would be quite appropriate as your appetite may pick up now and thus you should be careful not to consume foods at this time that are excessive and really not needed by your body. You are likely to have a constructive attitude now in respect to work and towards getting many practical things done, as well as putting personal things in order.  You may very well accomplish many personal  tasks and chores now as your physical stamina is "high" and you are more detail oriented in your perception of your environment.  If you are currently employed you may find that working conditions change for the better now.  You may be a little bit more prone to experience an increase in anxiety or worry now which may be due to your not appreciating the long term goals and overall picture of your life, largely as a result of concentrating and focusing too much on the trees rather than on the overall forest -  don't let small things take too much of your attention now, at least not at the price of jeopardizing or sacrificing more distant goals. 

LEO (July 23 - August 22)       

Experiences now may test your sense and understanding of your notions of belongingness as you may experience some confusion in respect to who you have either formed bonds with or may have attempted to do so.  If you have identified with another at this time only to be left with a sense of confusion in terms shared common ground and resources then pull away for a time so that you might independently gain greater clarity through your own insight rather than through the lenses of others vision.  It would also be a good time to examine, in your consciousness the motivations behind involvement with others now and that may also pertain to shared assets or resources.  The issue of trust is likely to arise now and it may be more important to use your intuition rather than the messages or feedback that you gain from others with whom you share common ground currently.  Sharing a group identity may be less important now than maintaining your own identity and integrity.  The issue of ownership may bring confusion now in relation to others with whom you share resources - it might be best to make no assumptions and to not make conclusions on the surface level - a clarified and cognitive understanding in respect to common assets in relation to others with whom you relate is probably the best policy at this time as it would tend to counteract any underlying assumptions that may have served to hide other’s motivations left unrecognized.  Real honesty is imperative now.  If you feel that another is crossing his or her boundaries with you then it is probably best to withdraw your engagements with them at this time.  Clarification of your role in a group situation or partnership is important now.  A feeling of a temporary loss of personal identity may occur now, including the inadvertent absorption of another's value system, as opposed to your own – withdrawal, meditation and isolated reflection may serve to help you become self-reoriented.  Be very careful now in respect to any type of physical intimacy as what is presented to you motivationally may not be the truth.  This can otherwise be an idyllic time where you transcend yourself and identify with others in such a manner than you place their needs before your own - but be your own gatekeeper therein and be certain of the motivation and agenda of all parties concerned.     

  VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)      

This should prove to be a good period for the foundational aspect of your life, that is, home and family. You are likely to feel quite complacent, emotionally secure and have a general sense of well-being, at this time, at least in relation to the familiar aspects of your life.  You will likely enjoy quite deep and peaceful sleep now and you may even receive guidance,  pre-consciously, if not consciously understood, through your dreams.  You may find that the idea of changing residence may enter your mind at this time.  You are likely to find that your home becomes the place of choice for you now, even insofar as entertainment is concerned. 

  LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)     

In respect to the working part of your life things should go well for you, at present, that is, in relation to both that part of your life involving employment and in respect to the simple mundane personal responsibilities involving daily maintenance work and chores.  This would be a good period in which to take care of practical business, especially as that would help to institute more order and accountability in your life.  You may even find that others are of helpful assistance in respect to getting practical tasks accomplished and out of the way.


Scorpio SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)   


There are likely to be very strong and intense exchanges between you and others in the communications department of your life that will take place at this time.  It will be very important for you to think twice before you express yourself as you may come across to others in a manner that might be too direct and that might therefor tend to be taken as offensive.  On the other hand, though, it will likely be a time in which it will be important to you to express a concern that you have that may present a conflict of values for another in your life, at least in respect to someone you may encounter soon.  In general then, say what should be said but be careful in respect to how you communicate your strong message now.  Also though it will be important for you to see into the motivations of another who may attempt to manipulate you through words, so don't say anything that doesn't really have to be said either, as what you say may become as a tool used against you through manipulation. 

  SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)      

This will likely be a time of increased self-confidence and strength of self-expression.  You will likely project your personality more dramatically than usual.  You may find yourself attracting more attention than usual and it would be wise to check yourself now for increased vanity and competitiveness - keep in mind that humility is a virtue if you find yourself tempted to blow your own horn now.  This is a time when you will be more inclined towards seeking entertainment and pleasurable pursuits and you will likely feel more romantic than typically.  You may have a stronger and more intense interest in the arts now - this would be a good time for seeing a movie or reading a novel.  Be careful not to take too many risks now as there may be a strong inclination to gamble with things of value.  Recreational pursuits may be indulged in to a greater degree now, than usual. 

   CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)      

You may presently feel more self-willed than usual and may find yourself behaving in a more self-assertive, stubborn or even aggressive manner than typical.  Along with the increased willfulness you may experience situational or circumstantial instances of your will as being tested - if you need a measuring rod for that let that be ethical in constitution rather than egotistical - in other words use courage but not egotism.  This may be a time when you are feeling a little more romantic than usual but what is important now regarding that is that you are not simply driven towards the exotic at any cost or without balance - keep in mind that the exotic may intensify the romantic element but that there are other, more basic and realistic aspects of your life that should not be left out of the equation and neglected - if you do so you may very well do so at your own undoing.  On the other hand now you may open your heart and mind now to individuals who you might otherwise consider as being too  different than yourself - the differences perhaps including a different value system, or a different common ground or culture.  Be wise and be careful - don't allow your heart to mislead your mind.  This is a time when you are prone to creative impulses and toward creativity in general but that could be driven by a comparatively less practical urge now to be different or simply to express yourself more radically, perhaps even to indulge in a reckless non-conformity.   At this time you may feel a little more vain than as typical and so you might be inclined to "show off" to a degree.  You may also have feelings of wanting to "break free" of constraints, whether they be self-imposed or not.  There may be a bit of a tendency to jump the gun and act or act-out impulsively without due reference to mindfulness.  If you keep yourself in check currently and use your strong motivational drives with temperance you may benefit from the more constructive situations that you bring into play.  There is a tendency to want to engage in recreational and entertainment activities at this time, which is largely good but try to avoid any extremes. 


 AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)   

In the romantic context of your life you may find yourself attracting rather forward or even aggressive individuals who's agenda is more likely to be self-serving than not.  It is not advisable to try to engage in "amorous" behavior with anyone new to your life now as you are likely to experience a lack of grace and harmony which would otherwise be necessary for things to go well in that area of your life.  What is recommended at this time is to engage in recreational activity where you get a chance to become involved in rigorous physical exertion and certainly that would include outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, tennis and the like.  Creative projects that ask for your physical exertion are also favored now, such as home or property  improvement projects.  Be careful to avoid letting your pride or vanity get the best of you now, a good dose of counteractive humility, that is, a humble spirit, is recommended. 

    PISCES (February 19 - March 20)          

This is a time in your life in which the circumstances and situations that you find yourself in will vary considerably from day to day, perhaps so much so, at times, that you will feel like you are playing a game of chess with life.  It is important to keep in mind now,  that major plans might have to be suspended until the pattern of your life becomes more stable and predictable.  Your use of electronic equipment for communications purposes is quite likely to increase at this time - that is, you may find a greater need or use of things like faxes, e-mail, pagers, voice mail etc..  It is also  important that you have some method or technique for relaxing your nerves and  maximizing tranquility in your busy, on-the-go type of lifestyle at present.













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