In The Stars
Your Weekly Horoscope
by RJ MacDonald
Week of
February 12 - 19

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RJ MacDonald has been a professional counseling astrologer for over twenty-five years. His background includes psychotherapeutic, transpersonal counseling and professional writing. As well as having maintained a private consultation practice for several years, he has authored a number of horoscope columns in community newspapers and has taught astrology, tarot, numerology and dream interpretation to adult students. He currently writes on metaphysical themes such as dream analysis, personality theory and political and metaphysical philosophy.  Russell integrates astrological analysis with transpersonal counselling and psychic readings.

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Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap. Aqu Pis
ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Your life may center around your preferred and idealized life situations and circumstances at this time.  You may find yourself engaging more in those things that you want to do as opposed to those things that you have to do and that certainly could include your social life as well as your ideal activities such as would center around avocations and hobbies.  Friendships may come into focus more now as well as  the basis for relating to others now is more in accordance with desirable, as opposed to "compulsory," relationships, such as would be the case in a workplace setting.  At this time it would be wise to avoid taking any extreme positions in your activities or communications as you may be overly independent or self-willed - best to remain open to compromising with others. 

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)    

There are different states of mind and of course there are different modes of consciousness - at this time you are in at least some measure of the state of rationalizing consciousness in contradistinction to the intuitive mode of consciousness including "poetic" states of awareness and creativity.  Cognition is the state wherein we know that we know, that is in contrast to having "hunches" or thinking - but not knowing - that this or that state might be the truth.  And in that vanity the accompanying facts are usually wanted on the table in the clear light of day.   One casualty of the cognitive state of consciousness is to try to frame things in black or white terms as if there were no possible grey area or grey constitution.  This is the deliberate state where there is very little room for zombie-type automatic behavior - in other words, the actor knows what he or she is doing or unfortunately, may have to be told same.  In communications definitive thought and speech will be required or expected.  Anything comatose or dreamy, that is less than fully awake and aware, certainly may not fit the circumstances or situation at this time.  Life may ask you to use deliberation at this time and to be more definitive in your decisions and communications. 

GeminiGEMINI (May 21 - June 21)    

This is a time when you will likely find yourself to be more wound up, intense, willful and perhaps impatient in relation to getting what you want.  Be careful in respect to not being as tolerant as you ought to be or would be normally.  You are also likely to attract and possibly make new friends at this time but they, as well, may be in the same mode of intensity and willfulness as yourself - in fact that may be the common ground in the mutual attraction.  Don't allow any highly driven "friend" to spur you on to act impulsively.  Others may find you to be somewhat aloof or unusually detached emotionally at this time - best to be aware of the degree of your emotional expression at this time - or the lack of it.  This would otherwise be a good time to engage or begin what you might see as your "ideal" activities or hobbies. 

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)    

You may find that a considerable number of changes are taking place at this time - the important thing is to look at the ultimate outcome rather than what you might "lose" at present.  The aspects of your life that are not working at present may have to be analyzed and broken down, that is, taken apart in order to build or rebuild new components that are ultimately more constructive.  This can certainly apply to individual or group situations where the interaction does not amount to any significant good for anyone concerned. 

LEO (July 23 - August 22)   

Your thoughts and general awareness may shift more to the external, outer world now and that could certainly include a greater awareness of others.  Your thoughts are more likely to be in an "objective" mode now and judgments regarding your outer world may come easier now and perhaps more intuitively.  You may be significantly more prone to forming agreements, with others now, especially where that may pertain to business interests.  This should prove to be a good time for compromise and negotiation and there will likely be more communication with others at present.  A close relationship may increase in it's communication aspect.  Partnership issues in business or marriage may arise now.  This is not a time when thoughts will remain internal to yourself - confidences may be gained at this time. 

  VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)  

The central focus of your life, at this time, is likely to be on practical work and mundane responsibilities, especially in regard to putting your affairs in order, such as in sorting out your finances and in listing the day-to-day priorities in your life.  Attending to things that must be done, regardless of whether or not the activities themselves are "boring" or "unstimulating" will be important now.  Try not to leave any responsibilities undone, unfinished or at least unaccounted for now as you may find yourself having to pay a heavier price later for neglecting those things than  you would as compared to taking care of them at present. 

  LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)         

This will likely be a time of increased self-confidence and strength of self-expression.  You will likely project your personality more dramatically than usual.  You may find yourself attracting more attention than usual and it would be wise to check yourself now for increased vanity and competitiveness - keep in mind that humility is a virtue if you find yourself tempted to blow your own horn now.  This is a time when you will be more inclined towards seeking entertainment and pleasurable pursuits and you will likely feel more romantic than typically.  You may have a stronger and more intense interest in the arts now - this would be a good time for seeing a movie or reading a novel.  Be careful not to take too many risks now as there may be a strong inclination to gamble with things of value.  Recreational pursuits may be indulged in to a greater degree now, than usual.  


Scorpio SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)   


Your thoughts are likely to be more on home and family now.  Changing circumstances and situations may call for personal adjustments.  Communication may increase now with family members and there may be discussions concerning needed changes and the logistics associated with that as well as discussions around security needs.  This may prove to be a good period for getting extra sleep or catching up on any sleep that you've missed and your sleep now will likely be deeper than usual.  You may be more prone to dreaming now or at least to be conscious of your dreams and to probably find the content of your dreams as being more meaningful or of impacting your mind intensely now. 

  SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)    

You may engage in an unusual amount of short trips in your local environment at this time.  Communications will probably also be significantly on the rise as there will likely be a need to coordinate yourself with others now in relation to all your extra "running around," that is, in your short trips, here and there, to get small practical tasks and short term projects done.  It may be important now to make an effort to avoid getting caught up in idle and passing conversations that amount to nothing really more than passing distractions.  Stay focused on the practical work and responsibilities that you have in front of you and try to prioritize those activities which have the most importance - this may be quite important, given the temporary juggling act that you have to perform now. 

   CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)   

It is likely that your mind will now begin to focus on your material resources, personal assets and finances.  Your mind will tend more towards practical thought now and - you may find yourself doing some financial planning.  This may also be a time in which you are more inclined to think of your body - even if you don't act on your assessment of your physical condition it will likely register now that you are either feeling OK with your physical shape or that your shape is in need of attention.


 AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)   

Your mind is likely to be quite active now and that may be due the to internal stimulus of your own body now as your nervous energy is likely to be quite high.  Your mind is like a double edged sword right now - that is to say that the potential to get many things accomplished is there due to the abundant mental energy that you have but at the same time there is also more of a tendency now to get distracted by something that is just passing but which nonetheless ends in completely drawing you in and taking you down a path that is quite diverting from what is the regular business or routine of your life.  You are also highly prone to talk significantly more than usual as well as to re-think things that you may have thought that you already drawn conclusions on.  The important thing now is not to get too caught up in ideas, either through conversation and planning or through endless thinking about things as opposed to doing them.  In other words try to take that extra mental energy as fuel for really planting the seeds of thought into the soil of reality by engaging real practical action. 

    PISCES (February 19 - March 20)               

You may find yourself in a brief period of uncertainty about some aspects of your self and your life and if this is the case it likely contains an association with that part of your mind that is not entirely at the "cognitive" level - that level that holds fully conscious awareness and deliberation regarding personal issues in your life.  In other words your mind may be influenced by your preconscious now - the level of your mind that precedes the conscious mind.  Images, memories, emotionally charged thoughts, perhaps a degree of sadness, fear and confusion may possibly influence your thinking now.   But the act of your mind's plummeting the depths at this time may paradoxically bring deeper peace and complacency.  The gatekeepers that allow access to that deeper peace may be courage and spiritual strength.  You may find "rational" thinking to be a little bit more challenging and you may find that your typically more refined logic alludes you or that you are not at the height of your analytical sharpness.  On the other hand your imagination may be quite charged now, that intuition is stronger and that there may be a greater sense of psychic and spiritual attunement.   Attempts at compensation now insofar as self-assertion or patterns of aggression in social relations will do more harm than good as this is not a time for personal projection in that what gets projected may have more to do with the historical "shadows" or complexes that do not likely form any permanent part of your relatively more constructive personality.  Any confusion or fear that motivates you now may be far more obvious to others than you think.  Internal resistance is not necessarily the answer either as attempts to dismiss or repress deeper personal insights now may disallow you the benefit of later clarity and growth.  Now is the time for simply lying low, being humble and perhaps more "quiet" than you normally might be - in other words going within yourself may seem quite natural currently as you are likely more introverted than usual.  This is a very good time for introspection, meditation, extra sleep and dream content.  You may find it quite worthwhile to pay attention to your stronger intuition regarding what's ahead shortly - a period of greater clarity and certainty. 
















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